I married my high school sweetheart almost 33 years ago, I have three wonderful daughters and four lovely (and very funny) grandchildren. I served in the US Army for 20 years attaining the rank of Master Sergeant before I retired. (please don’t worry, I don’t yell like the drill sergeant on Full Metal Jacket)I love, love love classic rock music (and many other forms of music). I have five guitars and love to play them. I love comedy, love to laugh and I have an off-beat sense of humor that people enjoy when they are shooting with me.

This is something I kinda stumbled onto by accident, but I absolutely love photography, especially when it comes to telling your story, making a fun and memorable photoshoot and making a friend. (Did I mention fun!! I love humor and laughing –it makes for much better photos than saying “cheese”). I have different styles, which is awesome when it comes to you receiving a very unique and personal set of story-telling photos (and videos).

Photographing involves both the predictable and the unknown. My objective in every photo session is to create fantastic images that display spontaneity while also expressing the beauty and individuality of the person.

Although I am involved, and active throughout the photo shoot, I do not get in the way or obstruct views of people at the event. I am a quiet professional and can cover all the angles looking for that look, that moment, that touch and those fun candid moments. I focus on the unexpected, humorous, or touching moments that arise during a session. I offer a balance between the carefree and the guided, with attention to composition and the uniqueness of each person.